Call for funding agencies to launch a joint ERA-Net like call on CO2 recycling

SCOT project (Smart CO2 Transformation) is an FP7 project to develop a Strategic European Research Agenda which aims at improving the technical and economic performance of emerging CO2 transformation technologies. In the context of the project, SCOT would like to invite other European funding agencies from regions interested in CO2 recycling to launch a collective ERA-NET like call. The interregional call would intend to stimulate international cooperative research projects in the area of CO2 recycling.

The conditions of the call will be agreed among the participating agencies but so far the following focus has been proposed:

  • TRLs: 5-7 / lab scale to pilot scale
  • Areas: CO2 conversion to fuels, chemicals or building materials
  • Include where possible LCA analysis of processes studied

Ideally, each participating regional funding agency should be able to commit funds in order to finance at least two or three projects selected within this call (between 500K€ and 1M€ per agency).The call will be coordinated by the funding agency DGO6–SPW from Wallonia, Belgium  and the German BMBF has also confirmed their interest in taking part.The launch of the call is expected for early 2016. The start of projects is expected late 2016. The expression of interest can be sent by email to Ms Julie Marlier, European Research Programmes Officer at DGO6, Public Service of Wallonia, Belgium (SPW). Regions interested to join this interregional joint call need to be identified before the end of 2015.

Contact details

Email :

Phone +32 81 334 549

This project has received funding from the European Union’s Seventh Framework Programme for research, technological development and demonstration under grant agreement No 319995

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