Vision for Smart CO2 Transformation in Europe

In the Vision for Smart CO2 Transformation in Europe, we set out a long-term Vision for CO2 utilisation and put forward why Europe should make it a priority to accelerate its development.

By 2050, Europe needs to have drastically decoupled its economic growth from its emissions of carbon dioxide. This is a direct response to the compelling evidence from the increasing risks of climate change brought about by the anthropogenic emission of greenhouse gases, and carbon dioxide in particular. Moving from energy systems that are primarily reliant on fossil fuels to those which use greater amounts of lower-carbon energy sources is a broadly accepted policy choice of member states, although the exact technology choices and the speed of the transition vary.

Finding solutions to reuse CO2 has a prize

In a future where carbon dioxide cannot be as freely released to the atmosphere, scientific and industrial progress has enabled us to imagine a solution in which carbon dioxide (CO2) becomes an increasingly important carbon resource; a world in which we utilise CO2 to create products. CO2 utilisation will create new opportunities for economic growth, greater innovation and boost Europe’s competitiveness, whilst supporting its transition to a circular, low-carbon economy.

CO2 utilisation: What’s happening a month away from COP21?

The month of October has been a very “active month” for the CO2 utilisation community. Three major conferences including the first European Methanol Policy Forum, the Brussels Sustainable Development Summit (BSDS) and the 5th Carbon Dioxide Utilisation Summit took place in Brussels and in Dresden. During these 3 events, SCOT had the opportunity to present the Vision of CO2 utilisation for Europe, to share its view on the challenges, technical and non-technical on the global CO2 utilisation value chain and to present a broad range of existing cases on CO2 utilisation worldwide.

Get ready to launch CO2 utilization research and innovation projects in 2016!

Essen will be at the end of September the “place to be” for those working on CO2 recycling in Europe.

On the 28th of September, SCOT will organise its mid-term conference “CO2 recycling as a Strong Catalyst for the European Industrial Renaissance” to present the Strategic European Research Agenda for Europe on CO2 recycling. On the 29th and 30th, the Nova Institute will organise the 4th Conference on Carbon Dioxide as Feedstock for Fuels, Chemistry and Polymers.

Call for funding agencies to launch a joint ERA-Net like call on CO2 recycling

The expression of interest can be sent by email to Ms Julie Marlier, European Research Programmes Officer at DGO6, Public Service of Wallonia, Belgium (SPW). Regions interested to join this interregional joint call need to be identified until early 2015. The launch of the call is expected for half 2015. The start of projects is expected early 2016.



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